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‪(719) 357-6402‬   ●   313 N Tejon St Ste 14, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

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Awaken your inner strength and reclaim your birthright of pain-free movement.


Sapien Fitness Clinic is a bespoke personal training facility that utilizes an interdisciplinary science-based approach to help anyone reach their fitness and wellness goals. Working from the inside out, system by system, we’ll help maintain and improve function for anyone, from injury recovery to power development.


Assessment of your static and dynamic posture allows us to carefully tailor an approach that will build efficient locomotive patterns and promote healthy structural adaptation before we introduce multi-planar resistance and dynamic loading. Working with us you can build endurance, strength or power while respecting your innate biological design and reducing the risk of injury.



for 45-minute sessions



for 90-minute sessions


for students, military or committing to multiple sessions



We’re a team of young and passionate movement masters with almost 30 years of combined experience training and teaching. After careers as professional artists and athletes we’re bringing together a lifetime of hard earned knowledge and experience to help you move, function and live better.


We’ve worked alongside Physical Therapists and Chiropractors affiliated with the Hospital for Special Surgery and all of our programming follows the training guidelines laid out by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Sophia Sednova-Sparham


Milo Jasper Finnegan-Money


Contact us to schedule your FREE 90-minute assessment and consultation:


‪(719) 357-6402‬‬      @sapienfitnessclinic

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